Ryan Manning is an Web Developer/Designer, IT Systems Administrator, Audio/Video Producer and Recording Engineer who holds a vast interest in computers, electronics and technology.

Technical Skills

Having developed a keen interest in computers since an early age, in addition to his education and work experience, Ryan has gained a number of technical skills over the course of his lifetime.

  • Web Design and Development 20+ years

  • IT System Administration 20+ years

  • Audio Engineering/Production 20+ years

  • Video Production/Editing20+ years

  • Computer Repair / Support 20+ years

  • Windows / Mac OSX / Linux 20+ years

  • Apache / MySQL / PHP 20+ years

  • HTML / CSS / HTML5 / CSS3 20+ years

  • JavaScript / jQuery20+ years

  • Adobe Creative Suite 20+ years

  • Pro Tools / Adobe Audition 20+ years

  • Magix Vegas / DVD Architect 20+ years

  • Adobe Captivate / Articulate 20+ years

  • Microsoft Office 20+ years

Work Experience

Throughout his career, Ryan has worked in a number of varying roles. Below are a few notable positions.

Director of Technology - Respect Group, Inc. October 2012 - Present

The Respect Group was founded by Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNeil to aid in the prevention of abuse, bullying, harassment and neglect in both the workplace, sports-related activities and the education system. The company's mission is to empower people to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD) through interactive, online training courses.

Ryan's primary role is that of Director of Technology and Senior Front-End Development for the company's various online platforms and e-learning systems, utilizing the latest advancements in web development and technologies, while managing a team of likeminded individuals in various technological roles.

A few of the technologies and programming languages utilized in this role of Front-End Developer include JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java, MySQL, and the usage and deployment of Linux Server Architecture and Networking Stacks. Various web-based frameworks and libraries are utilized as well, such as jQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js. WordPress, Composer, Adobe Animate / HTML5 Canvas, Google Flutter and Apache Cordova.

Ryan performs several duties and tasks in this role, ranging from Web Development and Design, Mobile Development, Audio/Video Production, IT Systems Administration, Technical Support and Consultation.

Other duties include assistance with the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as providing technical and IT helpdesk support to all employees and the company's vast number of online users and clientele.

In the role of Director of Technology, Ryan became involved in managing the entire team of software developers employed by the company and ensuring that development tasks were assigned to members of this development team accordingly, with deadlines required by the company’s contractual obligations being met on a consistent basis. Other responsibilities included the Quality Assurance of written code and deployment of such utilizing version control systems such as Subversion and GIT.

Respect Group's website can be viewed at https://www.respectgroupinc.com

CTO / Partner - Vapor Jackpot / RPM² LLCJanuary 2016 - September 2018

Ryan was the Chief Technology Officer and founding partner of RPM² LLC, a corporation he held with three other partners in Calgary, Alberta.

This corporation was behind the launch of Vapor Jackpot -- an online marketplace specializing in the sale of various vaping liquids for use with atomizers and vaporizers.

Ryan was responsible for facilitating the design, development and deployment of this venture entirely from the ground up from conception to release, utilizing a variety of web technologies and frameworks, such as WordPress, WooCommerce, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, Flutter, Adobe Creative Suite and more.

Ryan was also heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the company and handled a variety of other tasks within this role, such as marketing, advertising, promotion, social media campaigns, graphic design, product inventory, order fulfillment, invoicing and customer relations.

IT Systems Manager - Aarvak Services April 2010 - April 2016

Ryan was the IT Systems Manager for Aarvak Services, Inc., an electrical engineering firm with offices located in both Houston, Texas and Calgary, Alberta.

Working as a contractor with the company since 2010, Ryan managed Aarvak Services' vast array of networks and computer systems, along with all hardware upgrades, software deployments and computer maintenance throughout this time. Ryan also provided the company with IT consultation, support and troubleshooting as needed.

Some noticeable recent achievements include the complete design, development, and deployment of an outdoor security surveillance system at a Gas Processing plant located in West Virginia, which consisted of seven night-vision PTZ cameras and a DVR recording unit all remotely accessible and controllable over the internet.

Other achievements include the design and development of the company's website, along with deployment of their phone system & toll-free number (using newly available VOIP technologies), as well as the integration of an internet-based file storage and accounting solution (utilizing Amazon S3 Technologies and virtual private networking).

Aarvak Services' website can be viewed at http://www.aarvak.com

Systems Administrator / Audio Engineer - Essentialtalk March 2007 - October 2012

In the position of Systems Administrator, Ryan was responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the company's technical infrastructure. This included installing and upgrading all computer systems and related hardware, computer repairs and maintenance, as well as the deployment of all new software and technologies.

Ryan was also involved heavily in the research of new technologies and how to better incorporate these advances into the workplace. Ryan assisted the role of the Network Administrator in various duties such as server deployment, migration, maintenance, and backup, domain registration, website hosting, SSL certificates and renewals, Wireless/LAN/VPN configuration, general networking support and troubleshooting.

As an Audio Producer / Recording Engineer, Ryan was responsible for the production of all audio content and material required by Essentialtalk and its subsidiary companies. Much of the production was for Web-based delivery within flash presentations and animations. These productions consisted of the recording voice-overs, dialog editing, the addition of music and sound effects, along with mixing and mastering of the audio content – all to be completed within a specific time frame.

Ryan was also involved in most of the video production required by the company as well, from production, editing, duplication, streaming and conversion. This role also involved some travel to various locations within Canada and the United States for live events which required recording and live-streaming events for clients and their personnel.

Other duties included providing technical and troubleshooting support for studio and recording equipment, as well as computer and software (help desk) support.

Essentialtalk has since re-branded as ICE Health Systems and their website can be viewed at https://www.icehealthsystems.com/

Audio Visual Technician - Inland Audio Visual Dec 2005 – Aug 2008

As an Audio Visual Technician, Ryan's responsibilities included such tasks as the set up and tear down of Audio and Visual related equipment at hotels, businesses, trade shows and special events.

This pertained to anything and everything from the setup of microphones, speakers, mixing boards (and other various pro audio equipment), cameras, projection screens and projectors, language translation booths, lighting and controllers, staging and draping, as well as the operation of such equipment during live events.

Other duties included the production and editing of audio & video for certain clients, the mass replication of various media types of media (such as CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc) as well as the actual inventory of the company's vast equipment and supplies.

Ryan's IT knowledge was also an asset as it came into play when troubleshooting and solving computer related issues with Inland's computers and hardware systems, as well as their clientele equipment.

Inland Audio Visual's website can be viewed at https://www.inlandav.ca

Systems & Design Install Administrator - DMX Music Canada, Inc. Aug 2006 – Mar 2007

Ryan’s responsibilities at DMX were to ensure the correct implementation and product ordering regarding audio systems designs being installed for new customer contracts, which included the deployment of high-quality sound systems for a variety of clientele in the hotel and hospitality industry to private businesses and corporations.

This also included achieving the maximum amount of fidelity and coverage in regard to the overall sound of the audio equipment being purchased, while maintaining a set budget.

Other duties include new product research and modern design applications, as well as using the company’s specialized Linux-based computer software for creating design proposals, new work orders and referencing previous purchase orders.

More information about DMX can be viewed on Wikipedia

Audio Engineer - Bluewater Studios Aug 2001 - Dec 2005

As the second head engineer at Bluewater Studios, Ryan's responsibilities consisted of recording and editing ADR voice tracks with Avid / Digidesign Pro Tools software on a Apple Macintosh platform for use in animations, cartoons, video games, auditions, voice demos & workshops – All while maintaining a professional recording environment with the ability to meet deadlines and work under stressful conditions in a fast-paced work environment.

Ryan also provided general IT and help desk support to the other employees on staff, the general upkeep and maintenance of all computers, networks, studio equipment and audio/video gear, as well as performing all hardware/software upgrades and installations.

Ryan earned several professional film credits while working for Bluewater Studios, some of which are listed under his name at The International Movie Database (IMDB) and are included below.

Bluewater Studios' website can be viewed at http://www.bluewaterstudios.ca


Here is a small portfolio of various media clips and screenshots for some of the projects that Ryan has been involved in throughout his career.

  • Respect Group 'Koala' Platform
  • Canadian DNA Services
  • Respect Group 'Koala' Platform
  • Respect Group
  • Healthy Youth Releationships
  • Aarvak Services
  • Lacing Up
  • ErikaNavarro.com
  • Bulldog Moving
  • Johnston Power & Energy
  • Dragonball (Animated TV Series)
  • Dragonball GT (Animated TV Series)
  • Gregory Horror Show (PlayStation2 Game)
  • Betterman (Animated TV Series)
  • G-Gundam (Animated TV Series)
  • Canadian DNA Services
  • Contour Earthmoving, Ltd.
  • Aarvak Services
  • RSSdump
  • Linkdump
  • Big Rock Eddies Commercial


Although being self-taught in a number of areas, Ryan received his education and training at the following institutions below:

The Recording Arts Masters Program - CDIS (Vancouver, BC)Sept 1999 - July 2001

The Recording Arts Masters Program at the Center for Digital Imaging & Sound (CDIS) in Vancouver, British Columbia taught Ryan comprehensive hands-on training in the procedures and theory of audio engineering and production.

The program also provided a solid foundation in the use of professional audio equipment, recording techniques and protocol necessary for an entry level position in audio production and post-production work.

Ryan completed the 3-year program and received his diploma in July of 2001.

The Center for Digital Imaging & Sound has since re-branded as The Art Institute of Vancouver

High School - Lord Beaverbrook High School (Calgary, AB) Sep 1995 - Jul 1998

Ryan attended Lord Beaverbrook High School in Calgary, Alberta and received his diploma upon graduation in July of 1998.

Courses & Certifications

Ryan has attended multiple courses and obtained several certifications over his professional career.

Leadership Skills for Managers - Chinook Leaning Services (Calgary, AB)Oct 2020

The Leadership Skills for Managers course helps teach people to understand how to demonstrate leadership qualities, how to analyze your team to maximize performance, communicate more fully and appropriately to situations, how to create effective work plans with decisions and strategies primed for results.

This course also helps managers to better understand delegation and apply it so that the best skills of team members are maximized, how to respond rather than react to conflict and anger situations using assertive behaviour, and how to create an atmosphere of motivational productivity.

Ryan completed this course through Chinook Learning Services in October of 2020 upon the promotion to Director of Technology with The Respect Group.

Respect in the Workplace Training - Respect Group Inc. (Calgary, AB) March 2015

Respect in the Workplace is a 90-minute online interactive training program designed to provide organizations with a cost-effective tool to empower your team with the skills to prevent bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD).

Ryan complete the Respect in the Workplace training program and received his certificate in March of 2015 as an employee of Respect Group Inc.

Bose Professional Certification - DMX Music Canada, Inc. (Calgary, AB) Sept 2006

Ryan received Certification from Bose Professional in September of 2006 while employed with DMX Music Canada.

Professional Credits

Ryan earned a number of professional credits in the area of film and television while working for Bluewater Studios in Calgary, Alberta. He is credited with a few of them at The International Movie Database.

  • Dragonball 152 Episodes

  • Dragonball GT 64 Episodes

  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam 49 Episodes

  • Zeta Gundam 50 Episodes

  • Betterman 26 Episodes

  • Fancy Lala 26 Episodes

  • Banner of the Stars I & II 26 Episodes

  • Di Gi Charat Nyo 104 Episodes

  • D.I.C.E. 26 Episodes

  • Hoop Days (Dear Boys) 26 Episodes

  • Gregory Horror Show 3-Disc DVD Set

  • Doki Doki School Hours 13 Episodes

  • The Law of Ueki 51 Episodes

  • Jubei-Chan 2 13 Episodes

  • Flame of Recca 42 Episodes

  • Classic Zoids 67 Episodes

  • D.I.C.E. PS2 Game

  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed PS2 Game

  • Gundam Battle Assault 3 PS2 Game

  • Inuyasha PS2 Game

  • Zeta Gundam DX PS2 Game

  • Megaman X8 GameCube, PS2 Game

  • Megaman X GameCube, PS2 Game

  • Crimson Tears PS2 Game

  • Gregory Horror Show PS2 Game

  • Megaman Battle Network 5 Nintendo DS